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Pasha Mabanza, June 23 2021

The Nyantende Way

Students Helping Students: developing minds developing the world

Let’s first start by giving you a brief background on how we got started. In 2010, two students at Queen’s University were looking for a more effective way to make a difference in the world. Our Students Helping Students ideology is central to our charitable approach. Simply put, this phrase highlights our method of operation whereby students on university campuses in Canada can not only raise awareness about a global issue, but also take steps to change it. By raising funds through fundraising events, we’re able to empower students to turn their advocacy into action.

Your donations directly equal their tuition 

Our organization is composed predominantly of students and recent graduates who volunteer their time. The only staff that receive monetary compensation are our two staff who work and live in the Nyantende region. As a truly grass roots organization there are benefits to donating to our cause in comparison to a larger organization. This structure means we’re able to spend less on salaries and other overhead costs. Which in turn means that we can stretch every donation dollar further than many larger non-profits with several salaried employees.

Mutual exchange of value 

Our students-helping-students ideology is centered on what we believe is a mutual exchange of value. For students in Nyantende, they receive a quality education which they otherwise would not be able to afford. This opens up new opportunities for them and gives them a shot at a prosperous future, while students in Canada are given a chance to gain valuable skills and experiences as volunteers. In addition to being fulfilling in and of itself, these skills will reveal new opportunities for them as well.

Flexible and innovative ideas

Additionally, our students are a great source of new and innovative ideas for how we can help the Nyantende community as a whole. International development requires taking into consideration a whole host of issues. Any organization that deals with international development will need to have innovative and flexible ideas to deal with these issues. Thanks to our volunteers we’re able to constantly adapt and improve existing programming while identifying areas to expand operations. This culminates in new ideas like providing the women of the community with feminine hygiene kits. 

You can help! There are many ways you can join us in our fight to bring accessible education and development to Nyantende. If you’re a student, consider starting a club on your university or college campus. Beyond that you can also consider making a donation to our charity, and sharing our message with your friends and family.

Written by

Pasha Mabanza

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