Education is Power

Our Purpose

The Nyantende Foundation strives to bridge the education gap that exists between the developed and developing world. We help the most marginalized children and youth in the Nyantende district of the Democratic Republic of Congo by offering them an opportunity to attend local schools.


We believe education is a basic human necessity as it provides youth with the tools necessary to build a life they have reason to value. We are committed to the principle that knowledge is power. By increasing access to education we improve their capacities and empower them with self-efficacy to find a path out of cyclical poverty. ​


Since our inception in 2010, Nyantende Foundation has subsidized 100% of tuition fees and learning materials for over 250 youth. 

To develop a new generation of skilled,
educated youth in Nyantende who are capable of securing gainful employment, starting businesses and helping re-build the community's economy

Nyantende Foundation currently exists as an organization ratified at Queen’s University, the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto. It is a registered non-profit in the provinces of Ontario, Canada and South Kivu, DR Congo.

We currently enroll 183 boys and girls from Nyantende, Democratic Republic of Congo in nearby primary schools and secondary schools. Give the gift of education and an opportunity to escape poverty. Tax receipts available on donation.