Empowering the Youth of Nyantende Through Education

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Our Story

Early Days

Our organization was founded in 2010 by two students at Queen’s University and a Congolese refugee they met in the Kingston community. To this day the Foundation exists primarily on university campuses with a predominantly youth-led volunteer base.

Thanks to the hard work of the founders and our first team of executives we managed to send a many a 240+ students to school in one year alone. However, this success was temporarily halted in 2019 when we lost our grant funding. This set back was saddening to say the least and meant we had to take a year off, but it wasn't the end for us.

A New Chapter

Following this major set back we hit the reset button. We brought in a whole new team of directors with new and fresh ideas. This new change had immediate effects as we began to make changes to our organization. Thanks to these changes we now have a more financially sustainable model to ensure that we're better equipped to handle these type of challenges.

With a fresh team of directors we managed to get back on our feet. We returned to full operation in the 2020-2021 academic school year, sending 40 students to schools across the Nyantende District. This journey wasn't easy but it was definitely worth it as we're not stronger than ever.

Next Steps

Now that we're back on track we're looking for towards the future. We hope to expand beyond just helping the youth of the Nyantende District. We're begging preparation to help bring vocational training to the adults of Nyantende.

This new training will allow use to help provide the adult population of Nyantende with the necessary skill to find honest and meaningful employment. Beyond this we also have plans to open a community centre and library in Nyantende.  There's a lot to look forward to and a lot of work to do, consider making a donation today to help make this vision a reality