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Pasha Mabanza, December 6 2020

5 Affordable Ways of Giving Back This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for giving back and reflecting on everything that has happened over the past year and all that is to come. This year has been difficult for many of  us and the same is true for the kids of the Congo. Only recently emerging from an Ebola epidemic communities like Nyantende have struggled to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been the most vulnerable among this community, their youth, that they have borne the worst of it. In these communities where children have struggled for even the most basic right of education COVID-19 had threatened the future of so many children in Nyantende. That is why we have launched our Holidays of Hope campaign. We aim to spread hope this holiday season by giving children of Nyantende a gift an education. A gift that will last a lifetime! As you do your gift shopping consider the price of such a gift. 

1. A Need for Notebooks 

You’ll be hard pressed to find many impactful holiday gifts for a dollar. There aren’t many things that your local dollar store thrift store sells in the way of giving back or making a change. However, notebooks would make a world of difference to students in Nyantende. As many of their families struggle to even afford tuition fees this gift would go a long way to ensuring the success of the most vulnerable students in Nyantende. Better yet, for $40 we’d be able to provide notebooks to all our students for an entire year. Maybe you’re seeking a bigger impact. Well then why not opt for a $10 donation?

2. Textbooks for Tomorrow 

For $10 you could give someone a necktie, a bracelet or even a gift card if you want to keep things simple. However, for $10 you can also help provide a student in Nyantende with a text book. This integral part of their education helps to set these students up for success. With uncertainty regarding the continuation of in-person classes having their own textbooks and workbook is vital. It will ensure that these students can continue to learn no matter how the situation regarding COVID-19 progresses. If you’re looking to make an even bigger impact while giving back you also help provide our students with the most basic equipment.

3. The Pencils of Promise

As you approach the $30 gift range the options for gift giving start to expand. From gift cards, to cufflinks, to recipe books there’s no shortage of generic gift ideas. However, the same can’t be said for those looking to give a gift that will help to make a difference this holiday season. If this is you, why not help provide students in Nyantende with writing utensils? These basic tools are instrumental to the success of any student., however far too many lack the means to afford them.  For just $29 you can help us provide writing utensils to 40 at our various partner schools across Nyantende.

4. Elementary school tuition - $40 

At $40 you could get a pocket sandwich maker, board games, or even a self help book. As amazing as some of these sound they don’t necessarily do much to help others. One great way to help others and spread a little hope this holiday season is to help send an elementary student to school. For just $40 you could cover the cost of an entire year’s worth of education for an elementary school student. This education will help them to build necessary building blocks such as reading, writing, and mathematics. In an area where far too many children end up as child labour due to the inability to afford school fees this could help drastically change the future of a child’s life. This future can be even more radically improved at the secondary level.

5. Secondary school tuition - $100 

$100 is no small amount, but neither is it's impact. For $100 you can cover the cost of sending a child to secondary school for an entire year. As attested to by the Government of Canada just one year of secondary education can make a huge impact on a child’s life and those around him. At the secondary level the potential of these children grow beyond simply being able to earn an honest living after graduation. They start to learn life lessons, and gain experiences that will allow them to become change makers in their community. Just one year of education can have an impact on several generations to come.

Help us make this holiday season a Holidays of Hope by spreading the gift of education to those who most desperately need it. Make a donation and different today and contribute to our Holidays of Hope crowdfunding campaign.

Written by

Pasha Mabanza

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