Nyantende Education Fund

The students we support attend 16 different schools across Nyantende. Click here for an interactive map displaying the exact location of each school.  


Through our Education Fund all Nyantende Foundation students are guaranteed to receive a fully subsidized education up to a secondary school degree.


Below you can see the number of students enrolled at each school, annual tuition costs and current sponsors.

Number of Children Enrolled 









EP Nyantende

École Primaire Nyantende is a school opened in 1955 by a German missionary. It has since grew from 3 to 18 classes with contributions from UNICEF and the local community.


Number of Students: 10

Annual Cost (USD): $300

EP Kalagane

École Primaire Kalagane was built by local volunteers and opened in 1957. It runs a total of 12 classes, and was certified by the Ministry of Education in 1970.

Number of Students: 10

Annual Cost (USD): $200

EP Nyakabongla

École Primaire Nyakabongola was originally a nursery and became a primary school in 1975. The school currently receives support from Italian priests to help cover the school's operation costs


Number of Students: 03

Annual Cost (USD): $75

EP Kabanda

École Primaire Kabanda was opened in 1979. In 2014, a secondary school was opened. It currently has 7 classes and 486 students.

Number of Students: 02

Annual Cost (USD): $40

EP Ihasi

 École Primaire Ihasi was built in 1959 by Belgian colonials. It originally consisted of two buildings that have since been converted to offices. In 2009, the Congolese government helped build 6 classrooms and 4 latrines.

Number of Students: 01

Annual Cost (USD): $20

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EP Ihemba

École Primaire Ihemba consists of 6 classrooms that function as a  primary school in the morning and secondary school in the afternoon. It supports numerous orphans who do not pay tuition fees.


Number of Students: 04

Annual Cost (USD): $80

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EP Force

École Primaire Force was built in 2001 through community contributions.


Number of Students: 04

Annual Cost (USD): $80

EP Cimpwiji

École Primaire Cimpwiji was opened in 1950 by colonials and was initially run by Catholic priests.

Number of Students: 04

Annual Cost (USD): $100

EP Mulungulungu

École Primaire Mulungulungu was opened in 1978 by Community Baptiste Central Afrique (CBCA) and local families.

Number of Students: 08

Annual Cost (USD): $280

Institute Nyantende

Institute Nyantende was established in 1975. It was originally a wooden school, opened with only grades 9 and 10.

Number of Students: 22

Annual Cost (USD): $2200

Institute Kalagane

Institut Kalagane was opened in 1996. It was initially established at EP Kalagane (Primary School). 

Number of Students: 52

Annual Cost (USD): $4320

Institute Ihemba

Institute Ihemba was opened in 2007, by Communite des Eglises de Pentacote Afrique. It received federal certification in 2012.

Number of Students: 32

Annual Cost (USD): $2240

Institute Cimpwiji

Institute Cimpwiji was built by Belgian colonials. It consists of a primary and a secondary school.

Number of Students: 09

Annual Cost (USD): $720

Institute Tujikaze

Institute Tujikaze was opened with the help of local families in 1995. A second building with additional classrooms was opened through school financing in 2009.

Number of Students: 04

Annual Cost (USD): $400

CS Furaha

Complexe Scolaire Furaha was constructed by community volunteers. It operates as a primary school in the morning and a secondary school in the afternoon.

Number of Students: 03

Annual Cost (USD): $195

CS Saint Donatien

Complexe Scolaire Saint Donnatien was constructed with funding from a Catholic missionary and completed in 2005. Many orphans from the community are enrolled there.  

Number of Students: 14

Annual Cost (USD): $850

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