Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Mission & Vision

Nyantende Foundation is a Canadian non- profit organization founded in 2010 by two students at Queen’s University and a Congolese refugee they met in the Kingston community. To this day the Foundation exists primarily on university campuses with a predominantly student-led volunteer base.

The Foundation’s vision is to improve Nyantende from the ground up by taking youth off the streets and enrolling them in local schools. By educating those who cannot afford it we hope to foster greater feelings of empowerment and ambition that will mobilize the community and set them on a path towards their own development.

Nyantende Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organization in Ontario, Canada and South Kivu, DRC. The foundation is also an associate member of the The Great Commission Foundation (TGCF), a federally registered charity in Canada.


The Foundation supplements the cost of enrollment for 187 boys and girls at 16 educational institutions, across Nyantende.


To ensure accountability, the foundation set up an administrative bureau in Nyantende where three Nyantende locals work to ensure each youth is accounted for on a monthly basis. They provide regular updates and information critical to program development.

Our Operations

Nyantende, South Kivu, DRC 

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is commonly referred to as “the heart of Africa” for its size and centrality on the continent. Despite its size, in 2015 the DRC had the third lowest GDP per capita in the world. That makes the people living in DRC some of the most impoverished on the planet.

Nyantende is a community located in eastern Congo close to where the country converges with Rwanda and Burundi. Throughout history this has been a turbulent area, and to this day the Congolese living there remain subject to persistent insecurity, a lack of economic opportunities and widespread malnutrition.


Empowering the Youth of Nyantende Through Education